Innovative World Teacher Summit
      Teachers as Learners, Instructors, and Innovators
Innovative World Teacher Summit
This is a 3-day summit focusing on Educators' mindset around technology integration. Over 25 expert educators come together to share their expertise about technology integration to support teachers as learners, instructors, and innovators of their classrooms.
February 22-24, 2021
Innovative World Teacher Summit
This summit aims to give educators a diverse range of tactics and strategies that they can implement to enhance their classroom instructions.
Educators are complicated and unique. 
They want to teach and prepare students for the unknown future, and yet once they are in the classroom, they start spending all their time trying to work out HOW TO manage students' academic needs INSTEAD of planning engaging lessons. Too many educators get BURNOUT before they work it out, which is a great LOSS to education.

Here Are Just Some Of
What You Will Learn

How to Create a Virtual Community

Use a step-by-step guide to create and be part of a diverse virtual community 

Learn and Understand Your Teaching Style

Knowing  your personality, learning, and teaching style is key.

How to Be a Change Agent in The Classroom

Use your classroom as a platform to promote social change 

How to Prepare for Innovative Teaching 

Right frame of mind is key to innovative teaching.

...and MUCH Much More

The Top 4 Reasons Why

You Should Absolutely Attend...

Innovative World Teacher Summit:

To expand your knowledge and find solutions to create life-work balance.

You will have a list of practical guidelines to implement immediately to avoid burnout.
Educational technologies provide a way for you to understand how EdTech can help improve your overall disposition as a learner, instructor, and innovator. You will have a list of practical guidelines to implement immediately to avoid burnout.

To collect actionable tips that will support  your desire to use EdTech more efficiently.

You will have a step-by-step process on what is technology integration for you and your students.
You’ll have full insight into what you should use or not use in your technology integration plan. 

Reach beyond your classroom to become a global educator

Educational technologies provide a way for you to understand and connect with educators throughout the world. EdTech help you articulates things you know but need to understand better.
Educational Technology can help you isolate important key patterns and cultural behaviors that will increase your efficiency and enable your students to go beyond their community and connect with the world without your influence using only traditional methods.

For self-assessment

The self-assessments will inform you how to leverage your teaching style and time with students through technology to help students become global citizens.
Self-assessment can help you quickly identify the questions that will get to the heart of positive, impactful, and enduring change.
Why Should You Attend the Innovative World Teacher Summit?

Reason to Attend (e.g. no travel, watch virtually, guest speakers, no cost).

Reason to Attend (e.g. no travel, watch virtually, guest speakers, no cost).

Reason to Attend (e.g. no travel, watch virtually, guest speakers, no cost).

Who Are The Expert Speakers?

James Sturtevant
Galena, Ohio
Hosts the Hacking Engagement Podcast
Kwame Sarfo-Mensah
Boston, Massachusetts
Founder of Identity Talk Consulting, LLC. 
Thomas Poetter
Zug, Switzerland
Founder & CEO of Compris Technologies AG 
Christopher Stewart
Minneapolis, Minnesota
CEO of Brightbeam 
Dr. Phillip Pulley
Minonk, Illinois
Schoology Ambassador of the Year, 2018

Michael Drezek
Lake Shore, NY
 Instructional Technology Coach 
Dr. Erik Youngman
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Libertyville, Illinois

Dr. Jessica Ashe
Professor at Midwestern University for International Teachers and Students
Dr. Basil Marin
Assistant Principal at Chamblee Charter High School in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hope Elliot
Former Teacher of the Year
Instructional Technology Coach for LCSD in Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Nadiah Blackman
Atlanta, Georgia
Founding Consultant of Let's TEACH
Dr. Carlotta Berry
Terre Haute, Indiana
Advisor for the National Society of Black Engineers
Paula  Martinez
From Spain
Creator of SlidesMania
Karim Waljee
Toronto, Canada
Software Developer of EdTech
Heidi Cuppari
Ontario, Canada
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dream Tank
Shary Willamson 
Marion, Ohio
Educator and Author of The Woodland Elves Book Series
Dr. Thiri Wai
Yangon, Myanmar
 Middle School Principal
Awarded Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

Dr. Monalisa Ferrarri
Brooklyn, NY
Founder Foundation for the Emancipation For Women and Girls (FEWGI)
Dr. Waleed Ridha
English Teacher for the Ministry of Education
Jon Bergmann
United States
The Pioneers of the Flipped Classroom Movement
Peter Jones
Global Citizen, London UK
Working in technology, as Coder, Analyst, and Project Manager
Eric Sheninger
United States
Associate Partner with the International Center for Leadership in Education
Hans Appel
United States
Director of Culture for the Teach Better Team, Co-host of the Award Winning Culture podcast, and the Co-Creator of Award Winning Culture
Felix Jaeeun Yang
 Paju City, Korea
Head of the Department of Foreign Language Education
Laurie Meschishnick
Saskatoon, Canada
CrossFit Games Gold Medalist, a World Record Holder, and Mindset Coach
Tom Young
Western, PA
 The founder and President of 1st Consultants, Inc. 
Kyra Donovan
Washington, United States
Associate Partner for the International Center for Leadership in Education
Krystina Timmer
Port au Prince, Haiti
Owner of Exceptional Learners 
Laura Loveberry
Former Mrs. Michigan
 Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Caricaturist, and Author/Illustrator 
Daphney Phillip
Maryland, United States
Founder and CEO of Parallelogram Institute

Here's What Speakers Are Saying About The Summit...

"Inspired Me"

"I love the perspective of looking at teachers as learners, instructors, and innovators. I couldn't wait for this interview." 

  •                  Dr.  Karim Waljee

"Just in Time"

"I love the idea of a world summit focusing on  strategies to help teachers minimize their workload through the use of Educational Technology. That is so important."

  •                  Dr. Phillip Pulley

"Know Thyself"

"Educators need to know their identity and style; knowing that will help them connect, plan, and teach better."

  •                  Kwame Sanfo-Mensah

"Super Project"

"Educators need to know that they are leaders and social change agents; they should use their classrooms to inspire, motivate, and expose their students to the world around them."

  •                  Dr. Jessica Ashe
Here Are All the Summit Sessions
All interviews each day will go live at 11 am eastern standard time (New York City).
Feb 22nd
  Day 1 Educators as Learners
  • The Right Mindset
    Christopher Stewart
  • Adult Learning in The Digital Age
    Kyra Donovan
  • Role of Relationship in Education
    Hope Elliott
  • Overcoming Barriers to Learning
    James Sturtevant
  • Psychological Processing within Virtual Learning Environment  Dr. Nadiah Blackman 
  • This is my Identity   Kwame Sarfo-Mensah 
  •  How to Avoid Burnout                                                   Dr. Erik Youngman
  • What's Your Financial Personality?                          Tom Young
  • Wellbeing is not a Cliché 
    Hans Appel
  • Designing for Teachers versus Students Dr. Karim Waljee 
Feb 23rd
  Day 2 Educators as Instructors
  • Create a Virtual Community
    Dr. Thiri Wai
  • Moving Away from Deficit Rhetoric  Dr. Basil Marin
  • Creativity and Good Teaching  Shary Williamson
  • Teaching in The Digital AgeDr. Jessica Ashe
  • A Parent Perspective on Teaching Paula Martinez 
  • Can I Teach Without Technology?
    Krystina Timmer 
  • Global Perspective in Cultural Competency 
    Felix Jaeeun Yang
  • Instructing for the UnknownEric Sheninger                                      
  • Modern Visions Towards a Full-fledged Comprehensive Curriculum Dr. Waleed Ridha                                                              
  • Build Your Mental Capacity to Teach                      Laurie Meschishnick
Feb 24th
  Day 3 Educators as Innovators
  • Are All Techs  Equal?
    Michael Drezek
  • Innovative Teaching  Define
    Jon Bergmann
  • Future of teaching, AI-based avatars 
    Thomas Poetter
  • Generation Z the Leaders of Tomorrow  Heidi Cuppari
  • Be a Change Agent in The Classroom
    Dr. Monalisa Ferrari
  • Is There Too Much Tech in Education ?
    Dr. Phillip Pulley
  • Role of STEM/STEAM in Innovation
    Dr. Carlotta Berry
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education
    Peter Jones 
  • Innovation in Art Education Laura Loveberry 
  • Learner, Instructor, and Innovator
     Daphney Phillip

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers...

Will I have access to the recordings and materials?
Yes, if you upgrade to the VIP pass you will get lifetime access to the summit and can re-watch the speaker's interviews outside of the event dates.
Can I get the summit in audio format and the speakers notes?
Yes, we are converting all the interviews to audio, and also creating a pdf of the speaker notes.
What is the main thing I am going to get out of this event?
A clear path and actionable steps to prepare yourself to use EdTech effectively based on your personality and teaching style, and how to leverage your classroom for social change.
How can I contact the online Summit organizers?
Feel free to email the organizer at
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                                  Your Summit Host
Daphney Phillip
Daphney is a Doctoral Student focusing on Learning, Instruction, and Innovation at Walden University. Her research study is focusing on Flipped Learning Model in middle school. She is a highly qualified state Certified K-8 General Educator and for 20 plus years of teaching math for K-9 grade (Math 6, 7, 8, and algebra 1), STEM and Code instructor, teachers' coach. 

Daphney is a Flipgrid level 1 certified and a Student Voice Ambassador, and she is also a Quizizz Certified Game Changer and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer. 

Daphney's heart work focuses on supporting the Educational System in her country, Haiti; She is an Executive Director of External Affairs of a Non-profit organization that supports her passion.